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Sandhill Crane Guided Hunts


For those looking to challenge up your waterfowling desires, look no further than hunting sandhill cranes. Not only are these birds the best waterfowl to hit the dinner table, but the cranes are very fun birds to hunt. Sandhill Cranes are very wary birds. Perfect concealment and decoy placements are a must to fool these birds. When everything is set up just right you will experience some of the most exciting waterfowl hunting there is to be had. They stand 3-4 feet tall and have wingspans approaching 7 feet.

About the hunt:

All hunts take place out of Riviera, Texas on surrounding agricultural farms. We will be hunting out of either layout blinds or panel blinds over a spread of full-body decoys. Hunts will take place in the mornings, but you may contact your guide about evening hunt availability.

$250 per hunter
2-5 hunters
Licenses: Texas Hunting License, Texas Migratory Game Bird Endorsement, HIP Certification, and a Federal Sandhill Crane Hunting Permit.

Ammunition: We recommend a 12 gauge 3” #3-#5 lead shot. If you have any questions about ammunition, feel free to contact your guide before purchasing.

What to wear: Wear camouflage and layer accordingly to the weather forecast during your hunt. Due to the hunts being on dry fields, waders will not be necessary.

Sandhill Crane Season is Dec 17 threw Jan 22